Hawaii Dental Assistant Salary

The major occupation group of healthcare support workers (which includes dental assistants) currently has the second highest projected employment growth change between 2010 and 2020. During this time frame, the Hawaii state government anticipates that health support occupations will expand by 20.1%.

Within this long-term occupational projection, the number of dental assistants practicing in Hawaii is expected to grow from 1,730 in 2010 to 1,910 by 2020. This accumulation of 180 new dental assistants to the workforce constitutes a 10.4% occupational growth change.

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Pay Expectations for Dental Assistants Working in Hawaii

In 2013, the Hawaii Workforce Infonet found dental assistants in the state earned an average median salary of $32,600 or a median hourly wage of $15.67.

Pay averages for dental assistants did deviate from this average contingent upon experience backgrounds. For example, employees with limited experience often received an average salary of $22,870/yr or an average wage of $11.00/hr.

Yet, employees equipped with greater experience were rewarded with a higher average salary of $38,290/yr or an average wage of $ 18.41/hr.

In October 2014, the state government found the preferred salary ranges among dental assistances looking for job positions in Hawaii included:

  • $20,000-$34,000/yr: 94%
  • $35,000-$49,000/yr: 35%
  • Not Specified: 73%
  • $5,000-$19,999/yr: 98%

County Salary Statistics for Dental Assistants Working in Hawaii

In 2013, the Hawaii government found median salaries for dental assistants were inconsistent between counties. For example:

  • Kauai County: $35,660/yr.
  • Hawaii County: $32,440/yr.
  • Honolulu County: $32,340/yr.
  • Maui County: $30,200/yr.

Regional Salary and Wage Findings for Dental Assistants Working in Hawaii

The United States Bureau of Labor States provides further salary and wage information based on the geographic location of dental assistants employed in Hawaii in 2013:

Area name
Annual mean wage
Honolulu HI
Hawaii / Maui / Kauai nonmetropolitan area