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Aspiring dental health professionals are often faced with choosing between a career in dental assisting or dental hygiene, while having few resources available to help them make the decision. DentalCareersEDU.org was created as the first-of-its-kind dedicated resource for aspiring and practicing dental health professionals in both assistant and hygienist roles.

DentalCareersEDU.org is the brainchild of a group of dental health professionals dedicated to promoting education and career advancement in the field. With the goal of offering general guidance to assist would-be assistants and hygienists find the right education program, prepare for exams and qualify for licensure, DentalCareersEDU.org offers detailed information on the exact licensing process and requirements in place for each state’s Board of Dentistry.

As the founders of DentalCareersEDU.org can attest, taking steps towards preparing for a career in dental hygiene or dental assisting is an exciting process, if not also a bit overwhelming. This resource was created to guide aspiring dental health professionals through the difficult decisions related to everything from choosing the right career path, to choosing the right degree. The team of writers and dental health professionals behind DentalCareersEDU.org hope to make navigating the difficult steps easier, so the next generation of dental hygienists and assistants can focus on enjoying the rewards of a satisfying career in dental health.