Served With a Smile – 10 Foods & Drinks That Improve Dental Health

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Brushing our teeth twice a day has become a daily ritual for most of us, and at times we even floss and use mouthwash. We are all somewhat aware of the “dangerous” foods and drinks that harm teeth, such as candy, coffee, and soda, but there are also foods that actually benefit our teeth. Yes, your patients can actually contribute to their dental health by simply eating and drinking the right foods!

Here are ten foods you can recommend to patients to support dental health and to help ensure they spend less time with you in the chair:

  1. Eggs – Eggs, in particular egg yolks, are an excellent source of vitamin D. This crucial vitamin absorbs calcium, which empowers teeth (and also bones). Make this a part of your breakfast routine in order to build strong, healthy teeth.
  1. Cheese and Yogurt – These dairy items are also packed full of calcium. Consuming these low-fat or fat-free foods will also bring phosphorus into the mouth, which protects tooth enamel and can even replace minerals in teeth.
  1. Meat – This mouthwatering food is also full of the instrumental phosphorus mineral. Although it is mainly present in red meat, eating meat can protect your enamel and fill your stomach at the same time.
  1. Fish – It is mainly salmon and Atlantic mackerel that are rich sources of vitamin D. This vitamin draws in calcium, which in turn protects teeth and gums from disease.
  1. Strawberries – This delicious fruit is filled with vitamin C. You may think that other fruits, such as oranges or lemons are the champions of vitamin C, but the reason why they do not make the cut is because of their acidity. The amount of acid that is in those fruits outweigh the benefits that vitamin C offers. This vitamin is necessary for the production of the protein collagen, which strengthens and takes care of gums.
  1. Broccoli – Broccoli, along with other dark and leafy vegetables, is an animal-free alternative to obtaining the above-mentioned minerals and vitamins. Eating this veggie will increase your levels of vitamin C and phosphorus, which supports dental health.
  1. Apples – This nutritional powerhouse truly does have the power to keep away doctors and dentists. Apples are loaded with vitamin C and are high fiber. This great combination scrubs away plaque and freshens breath.
  1. Celery and Carrots – These crunchy vegetables serve two purposes. Because they usually contain lots of water they help scrub and wash tooth surfaces, and due to their crunchy nature, they require a little bit of chomping. The act of chewing is actually good for oral health because it allows teeth to stay strong and sharp.
  1. Milk – This delicious drink will not only strengthen bones but also teeth due to its high calcium level. Milk will protect your teeth against gum disease and will keep the jaw strong and healthy.
  1. Water – This miraculous liquid helps wash away food debris and enables the saliva levels to stay high. As odd as it may be, saliva is one of the best defenses against tooth decay because it contains minerals and proteins that fight against acids.

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